Yet another site with Covid stats... Why?

I built this site to have all the informations I wanted to try to better understand the Covid19 issue around the world.
Graphs and tables per week, per capita, rankings... You will find here a selection of what you need to be able to compare, analyze.


This page displays the data of the European countries + US and China.
You will also find detailed informations for each country, with the shutdown date if available, and a history of the government counter measures.


The data used in these graphs and tables are provided by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE).

They are updated every night at 23:59 UTC.
That's at least the theory. Sometimes the updated data files are available later in the night.

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Important Note

  1. To understand these numbers we have to keep in mind the following things:

    Source : "Is comparing Covid-19 death rates across Europe helpful?", the Guardian, 24/04/20.
    • "Unlike the UK, Italy or Spain, Belgium counts all coronavirus deaths outside hospitals in its daily statistics: deaths in care homes account for 53% of the total".

    • "Belgium’s official toll also includes people suspected of having died of coronavirus, without a confirmed diagnosis. Nearly all deaths in care homes (94%) are suspected Covid-19 cases, rather than confirmed – an approach that has led some to complain Belgium is overestimating the number of fatalities".

    • "Dutch health ministry spokesman said the Netherlands figure was “an underestimation” because it only included deaths where coronavirus had been confirmed. Between 6 and 12 April, 5,036 people died in the Netherlands, compared with an average of 2,857 in the same week in the three previous years".

    • "In France, the care home number is 7,896, which represents 40% of the country’s overall coronavirus deaths. The figure is almost certainly higher".

    • "The Spanish health ministry did not request care home data until 8 April and several of the country’s 17 autonomous regions have yet to provide it. Last Friday the ministry said it would continue to base its statistics on deaths of people who had been tested for the virus, thus excluding until now most care home deaths".


    “A comparison between [EU] member states is difficult and should be done with extreme caution,” said a spokesperson at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.
  2. We can try an estimation to know the real numbers

    We can estimate the real figures from the historical average deaths number in each country and compare it with the 2020 figures. See this article from the NewYork Times.

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